Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Race of the Year 2010

Putrajaya Extreme Game 2010
held on 18 Dec 2010
The race course has shorten, only 3.6km per lap
Total of 3 laps
I participated for Mens Open Category
Represent W2 and TFC ( the flying chimp)
Boss and Zul BMC also took part
I a manage to came out number 10
As plan to be in top 10
Happy for that result :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Update Jamborees

Ok i am too lazy actually to update. But whatever it is
Bernam jaya MTB jamboree - 13
Kuala Linggi Mtb Jamboree - 19.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sepang Jamboree 2010

my 1st jamboree for this year.
I'm not registered, but using someone's number lah courtesy of Lim.
It was a 45km trail... muddy and slippery.
The trail marking i would rate 3/10. Very very poor.
But for the food they provided 80% since its KFC... hehehehe
I manage to came out number 21 :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Registered myself under the open category
Most top riders turn up for this race including my best buddy Lim Yew Meng (1st time to pcp)
The open category started at 2pm
Total of 4 laps
Flag off- the route was to round the 'kampung' before entering the trail to break the crowd.
I manage to stay in the 1st group during the break away
However once i entered the trail.... PONGEH already. hahahaha
the 2nd lap, my bottle burst due to 'soft drink'.
i have to cycle without water for 1 lap
So i try to maintain top 20 which i managed.
But, at the final lap, the right leg cramped and the worst part is that is happened at the feeding zone.
Just 1 last lap :(

One good thing that i cramp at the feeding area cos there are people can help

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 speed!

I have upgraded my bike according to the era of Mountain Biking
It means 10 speed people!
At first Sram released their XX, which i can't afford
But for 2011, Shimano releases 10 speed Dyna Sys, and its affordable

I didn't buy the whole group set.
Only bought the necessary stuff- Shifter, RD and cassette
Shifter n RD- Shimano XT
Cassette- Sram X9 (12-36)

So not my bike runs 29-30 crankset
along with 12-36 cassette

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


its mine :)

KL MTB Carnival 2010

This is i think my 5th participation in kl mtb carnival.
My target this year is to go to the final of the 18-30 category.
On the seeding day, it was raining heavily.... and for all u know i run on kenda klimax.
So i was in the second group for the seeding. I managed came out 4th for the group.
Later the result was announced, and my name was 19th so im not qualified.
With disappointment i went for a drink with other riders, and i received a call from the organizer saying that i qualify to final and im the 15th rider.

The final...
Another bad luck for me, fell off my bike at the rocky switch back on the second lap.
DNF again....
i was took to the hospital, coz they suspect something wrong with my shoulder.
i it was damn hurt as the doctor push back my shoulder to its proper place

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KARSEi 2010

Karnival Sukan Extreme UiTM 2010 was held at UiTM Segamat.
I represented UiTM Shah Alam
6 of us all together plus Ahmed Shah, so total 7 riders.
Left Shah Alam after friday prayer and arrived Uitm Segamat around 8pm
Stayed over rumah tamu UiTM

Race day.

Pro riders pun join.
eg. Razif Letua, Zam Tezibone, Radio Terengganu
But lucky for me, i'm in IPT category
still ada Sukma riders under IPT category... kacau betul
The trail 20km... rolling start

I managed to get 2nd place..
Won myself RM300... target first RM500 :(
Tapi bersyukur la jugak

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Slam on Malaysia Base Jumping scene

28 Sept 2010, the first death to a BASE jumper occured in Malaysia.
It was in Alor Setar tower, Kedah.
A 42 year old woman from Australia.
A sad moment to all jumpers.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cerita lumba 'internasional' Langkawi

Punyelah excited pasal event Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge.
Kononnye event terbesar di Asia.... mesti la nak join kan
tarikh event 6-8 August

Permulaan. 6 august
Saya menumpang kereta Azhar Black. Jadi tempat pertemuan pertama ialah Due Roda shah alam.
Disusuli gathering point iaitu R&R Rawang, dimana geng lain berkumpul untuk tujuan konvoi ke destinasi. Semasa perjalanan saya TIDO.
R&R pertama berhenti semasa perjalanan ialah Sg. Perak.
Kemudian perjalanan diteruskan ke JT kuala kedah. Tiba disana lingkungan jam 6 pagi.
Keadaan JT yang kelam kabut. Feri kami jam 9 pagi.
Tiba di langkawi 10 pagi. Perut berbunyi dan KFC memanggil manggil.
Selepas itu, kena kayuh 15km ke hotel candik kura... klaka gila namanye. Tempat saya menumpang untuk mlm pertama.
Petang itu menuju ke Tok Senik untuk registration. Semasa perjalanan Arwah Abg Aznul meninggal dunia akibat sakit jantung. Al-Fatihah
Tiba di Tok Senik, saya membuat pendaftaran, bertemu dgn teammercury yang gah-nye.
Kemudia test trail... mencabar.

7 August. Cross Country
Under Mens Elite. Kira-kira 300 rider.
Hanya kurang daripada 30 rider berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan termasuk saya.
Namun masalah timbul apabila komisar mengalami masalah tentang kedudukan pelumba.
Balik kayuh ke hotel dan saya mendapat sebuah bilik di resort 'twin peak'

8 August. Endurance
Memakai jc letua.... mendapat support dari mereka. Permulaan yang agak baik tetapi hanya dapat bertahan 4jam kemudian menghadapi 'masalah mental' untuk meneruskan perlumbaan.
Penat sangat rasanya tetapi tiada masalah pada basikal mahupun kram pada kaki. Pelbagai teguran diterima dan sokongan supaya saya meneruskan tetapi GAGAL :(
Hujan lebat, saya tidak dapat bertahan. Teksi tiba dan tido didalam van
Malam itu mengalami cirit-birit.... sehingga keesokan hari.
Mujur ada rakan yang membantu sehingga tiba di kl

The event organizer were totally suck. They used the so call corresponder however they find difficulties to determine the rider who complete the race. Well not only myself facing the problem, but most riders who complete the race. Its a waste since i target for myself top 30 which i managed however name was not listed. Sadly those who complete only 2 laps name listed.

Monday, August 2, 2010

update on past event

24 & 25 july - Skydive in segamat. One parachute gonee when a &*^(* student cut away a good canopy

28 July- My birthday :). Thanks to arfa for the gift!!

31 July- PCP speed challenge. Team event. Boss, adib and myself. Riding for TRM ARUS ADVENTURE. We manage to get 4th place.
Later at night, arfa made a surprise party... heheheh thank you sayang. And to my frens who came, BIG MAC!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eco-X 2010

Eco-X? sounds challenging........
Yeap its totally a challenging race.
For the mountain bikers, its not really a cross country race, instead its a race where u have to carry your bike uphill and slide downhill on a slippery trail
There were 3 loops for the Mens Open- Killer Loop, Big Loop and Small Loop.

The race- I registered under Mens Open
Tag Number - 8022
Time- 10.30am

After the flag off, i think 30 minutes after that, real heavy rain fall off from the sky with lightning!!!
Lucky i was in the leading group, so the trail was not damage yet.. still it was damn slippery.
The trail with fallen trees and torn, yeap many riders got cuts at the leg or hands. Worst the PACAT as the number 1 enemy..
I didnt get any Pacat... lucky lor.
Since it was raining, we had to cross 3 rivers which is running fast... many had troubled crossing coz u hav to carry your bike along.
For me, i cramp my leg 3 times... i was the third rider for the category, and Jacky who was following my back got the chance to overtake me :(

I finished 4th... happy with it. Total distance is 25km. Took me 2 hours to complete.

Friday, July 2, 2010

wheres my money!!!

Aiyoh this money suppose for something else
It end up of me buying cycling stuff
So what i bought was a Polar FS3c and a parentini short

I wanted the polar long time ago. Suddenly today when i went to Joo Ngan Son, he gave me promotion price. God...

Now i'm short of money... :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Epic Hash

Its my first time joining the epic hash.
320 riders participated
W2 participated... and proudly with our JC
And WTF... there are ppl wearing the w2 jc too
A tough ride since the trail very slippery And it was muddy
I fell of my bike the first 2km
My tire which runs on 'no tubes' flat 2 times... both front and rearI finished the ride with a mat salleh 'Mike'
Just the 2 of us after the 1st water station till the end
Before the last 3km, heavy rain...
But it was really FUN
Total distance - 51km

thats how muddy it was
Myself and Mike at 2nd water station

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Segamat DZ 20 June 2010

Got 6 students doing static line jump.
The aircraft arrived a quite late ... 11.30am
manage to do 6 sorties
the last sortie was at 6000 feet - shahrul did his 2nd Free fall

And me, jumpmaster for the 5th sortie.
Terrible. Did a lot of mistake.
Drop one student inside the cloud.

The 6th sortie, shahrul, pak karim n myself.
Also did some mistake when approaching them during free fall.
However, i was so close to them after that.

It was a great and successful jump
No injuries thats the most important thing

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ATM Skydiving Competition 2010

Its been quite sometimes the club is not invited for the competition
But this year, we are invited. YAY!!
The Drop Zone was the football field at Stadium hang Jebat.
We stayed at Kem Sg UdangAccuracy, Canopy Formation and Formation Skydive are the event
However FS was canceled due to low altitude. Manage to do 1 round for FS at 6000 feet

The result - Accuracy- hahahah sure last lor
CRW - 2nd :)
FS - 3rd tho suppose to get 2nd.

It was fun.jumping from a big aircraft - CN235

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lama tak update - here it goes

right now i'm taking short course for my torts II paper.
I'm also like a 'boss' at traildermad, coz i'm the one runs the shop :)
Now, Adip is also working at traidermad under me. At least now i have someone to talk to
Oh ya not to forget, my iPod touch got stolen at the shop :(
Sales not bad at all, like this one day too many customer came by and the stock also arrived at the same time... but it was FUN
Its been quite sometimes didnt cycle with my fellow cyclist ... now more in shah alam.

I miss my girlfriend so much
When can i see you?
haih haih haih

7-17 June i'll be in Malacca for Sukma
most probably on 23 i'll be leaving to indonesia for skydive

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I started doing part time at Traildermad since 8 May.
So far so good... well tho not many cycling stuff there since its new.
And today, 13 May, Kali Protective Helmets arrived. Its a new brand in Malaysia.
I had to do over time, coz usually i finished by 8, but today 10pm.
Its a new kind of technology, and its nice tho the price a bit expensive.
Btw, my boss sponsored me one of the helmet which is AMARA XC. The price is at RM305, and i got it for free. Its actually for me to wear it for race in Negeri Sembilan.
Im very happy tho.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


lama gak la tak update this blog....
BZ with finals. Time nak final la test and assignment berlambak.
Kayuh... ade la sikit.

Upgrade kat basikal- BANYAK
Exam - kom si kom sa

Now cuti, so i'm working part time somewhere in shah alam. Cari duit sikit.
Hutang banyak sangat seyh

Sunday, March 28, 2010

KBS tower, putrajaya

Its the lowest so far that i've jumped. 70 meter.
Base jumpers on that day- Haziq, Idrus and Arab.
The event was attended by the Minister.
We leap off at 11am.

The best part was to crawl at the edge of the building.
I was like shaking coz i'm the last jumper to stand at the edge.
The landing area was the main road.

It was a good experienced :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

sg. lembing mtb challenge 2010

Boss, teh, aqeem and i registered for the race.
On 19/03, we left KL. Convoy with epul and yunus. Arrived there in the evening.
It was heavy down pour, we collected our goodies and looked up for home stay.
Once we managed to find one, it was already 7 pm. Yet we still wanted to test the trail.
Hujan pun hujan la. Gelap pun gelap la... we belasan je

The second day - 20/3
My race day. The IPTA category. Teh and me. Even arif MKH also took part under this category. 8 laps all together. I managed to get 4th place tho i'm supposed to get 3rd. Teh on the other hand got puncture.

3rd day
Rain stopped. Its the open category. Boss race day. I'm the feeder. Damn its hot. I'm burnt. Boss managed to complete the race with 30th spot. Many riders gave up but not the W2.

After that, went to clean ourselves and straight to KL.

Its a good race with good performance by the W2.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

less than a week

Sg Lembing MTB race is on 20 & 21 March 2010
Time is running out.
I'm down with fever, how to do any training
I hope that i will recover asap.
Need to get on the bike.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


an awesome experience :)


Since having a shitty day....
with my parents came to shah alam
and after the conversation... i left
while on d way, jai called :)
'datang pj hilton'
so i went for free drinks. 2 bottles :) and only 3 of us

Friday, March 5, 2010

the end

Before i start with this post, would like to wish Arfa a Happy 22nd birthday.
And we end our relationship.
Both side made mistakes. I have to admit of what i did is too much.
I'm sorry.
But u made me do it.
I don't want to write much. Coz we have to move on and don't look back.

To Fia, sorry bout your car.
You were there, so i don't have to prolong much.
My parents already told that they gonna pay for the damage.

Things happen with reasons.


Friday, February 26, 2010

first hand held :) what a relief

it was on wednesday 24/2/2010 - there is base jumping over KL tower.
So i went la.... how can i'm gonna miss it rite.
Left shah alam around 10.30. Traffic jam all the way.
Reached KL around 11.30, saw from car few jumpers under canopy
Got very excited... so i went up.
My 1st jump of the day was PCA - pilot chute assisted.
The second jump is my first hand held ...
I was at the edge, holding the pilot chute, thinking am i doing the rite thing.
So i did. YEAH!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i've conqured Genting Highland

It was Thursday 18 Feb 2010, the W2 (haziq, teh n boss) manage to cycle up from Genting Sepah McD to First World Genting.

We had our breakfast at McD, while my gal as the crew for W2. Hehehe
We start the journey around 9.30am. Took us only 30 minutes to reach Gohtong Jaya where we re-group before climbing up Genting.

Teh was in front, leaving me about 1-2 minutes behind while boss about 5 minutes behind me.

Total distance 42km. My average speed climbing up was 11.6km/hr and Max speed was 66km/hr. Well i'm happy as i manage to cycle up one of the insane hill where not many people can do. I think la...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

her first mountain biking :)

Hehehehe... ni agak klaja la kan nak tulis.
When the bicycle dah siap assemble, so i plan to take Arfa ride off road.
I text Adam... so that ezlynn and intan can join and accompany her.
On friday evening... we went to Frim.
Parked at Malay tea house... once hujan berenti.. we ride.
At first ride slow slow... by myself bawak Haikal.. a uitm sport rec student.. tarik la laju and just the two of us in front. Naik steroid. During the downhill... saw arfa and intan at the pondok. Muke arfa that time... merah and dia dah start menyumpah. hehehehehehehehe. Pastu lalu tasik. But trail to tasik byk downhill with loose rocks. Dia dan takot and menjerit. lucky Adam boleh ajar. Myself... hmmm faham je la kan. Bila dah kuar.. they want to continue climb jogging track. But arfa made a statement 'rasa nak bunuh diri'. Ok ok so i went to the car. Waited for the others. Basuh my bike. Oh saya kene gigit pacat.
After that, went to damansara perdana to have our dinner. Around 10pm baru gerak balik.
Penat :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st batch MTB Hash 2010

Its the first hash for this year. For me... its my second time since i got involved with mountain biking. The event took place somewhere in Semenyih.

On the way to Semenyih.
Early morning around 6.45, had to go to ayong bike shop. Coz tumpang Is. Had my breakfast. Then straight to kajang. Met with others then convoy to semenyih.

Once there.
Chit-chatting with all the guys.. jumpe lak alwin and jai. Borak. Then register. Its rm15 ok. Is blaja :).

Briefing around 9.30. Flag-off 9.50. During the ride... i manage to cycle all the way tho i had stop many time due of waiting for my frens. The best part singgah kedai beli air. Then singgah makan laksa and air klapa. Yum yum. Oh ada part mandi sungai. hahahahaha.

So finished at 2pm. Agak lama tapi its a fun ride. No pushing. Best.

Special thanks to Is coz blanja the ride and the lunch.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

W2 training day :)

a ride up to genting sepah from melawati.
The plan was to start ride at 7.15 am. Hah i woke up at 6.45.
Mandi and left... it was already 7.15. Arrived at Boss place 7.30am.
Boss pulak woke up at 7.20. Left his house at 7.45. Cycled to Petronas and met with Teh.

The cycling part.
At first there are 4 of us. Haziq, boss, Teh and shimmy.
Speed at the first 15km was 30-37km/hr.
Then once at Orang Asli Hospital... saw this roadie alone... we chase him. Catch him sampai dia bengang. Then met with KL Gals Team. At first they laught at us... igt kami xkuat la. Tapi we the W2 yang tarik the 5 roadies. Malu lah korang.

The hill.
It's getting steeper... the 2 gals start laju... n me start pancit. The 2 roadies duduk at my back. Ain't roadies to be up front? suddenly dorang patah balik. Malu kot mountain bike yang tarik. So teh was in front with the girls. Suddenly i was alone. While i was cycling... saw 2 monkeys. Suddenly they chase me/ WTF!
Finally i made it at the peak.

Going home.
Downhill... speed 40km-55km/hr. Stop at the stall for roti canai. Then went home.
A good ride with W2.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Due to fever... i slept all day. In the evening, boss text me. He wanted me to accompany him seeing a girl. So kawan punye pasal... OK boss.
8.30 at coffee bean ampang. Lepak there till midnite. I totally forgot that i'm not well. So that nite... start balik menggigil during my sleep.

Friday night

did a 18km road ride with jeremy and boss. Speed 35km/hr. Gila laju!
After that baru have my dinner. So the consequence of it, i vomit few times.
DEMAM. haih.. pity me

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wednesday... criminal class at faculty and bel class at cempaka. A distance where i have to walk from point A to B. Jauh bai. During bel class... i saw group who is suppose to have land tutorial like standing outside the classroom. I wonder why. hmmmmm. i ask Bun, weyh dorang xde class ke?
And the group left. So, Bun text madam tanye ade tutorial x. And she replied, NO.

Bun plak plan, jom lunch kat ikea. Mak aih punye la jauh. And Buk plak... aku nak join.
After bel class... balik rumah dulu tukar baju. Daryll and Pedro pun nak join. So the 5 of us of to ikea. Sampai sana... sume lapar. LAPAR ok. I ordered 10pcs meat ball. Makan n makan. Pedro plak... lepas ni jom tengok movie. Pastu gi la cineleisure plak.
Tak tau nak tengok ape... JU-ON. and myself wey xnak la cerita hantu. They bought the tickets. Masuk je cinema... i close my eyes all the way to the end. Now way i'm gonna watch a ghost movie. So it turned out to be JU-OFF.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

light and easy sunday

'Frim, 8.30am from smooth rider'. Yeap Frim ride.
Lots of riders turning up... for no reason.
It was a nice sunday morning ride at the Dream Trail and to steroid.
After riding, went to Yong... change my headset from canegreek to Token Carbon.
Well its light and not that expensive. I bought it for RM100 and the weight is 95g!
Teh on the other hand bought Ritchey Carbon WCS which is heavier and it cost RM300.
Well i'm happy for it.

Ala ala Pro

weekends :)

16 Jan 09
Hafiz plan for our geng to ride at Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP). 8.30am. So i arrived 8.30 sharp. Met Lan... and predator arrived earlier than me. Sakit perut... lari cari toilet. While preparing... one by one sampai. The last to arrived is adam along with intan and ezlynn. Ezlynn turun terus tanya.. 'mana Arfa? i bawak intan ni. Kat sini ade basikal sewa' Lor i just know bout it. So that day, 2 newbies. Intan and Azmy. It was 11 of us. I lead the way. Technical part best. hehehehehe. Once made a complete loop... Yunus pun tibe-tibe muncul. He asked me to make another loop. So i went with him with race speed. Full loop for 20 minutes. Then after that, gi wall climbing just next door. Lepak at the wall for half and hour... and perut lapar. Terus gi mamak double trouble. After that, shoot back home. While on the way, boss text, petang photoshoot at 5. Wear full suit. I went to melawati, parked my car at Boss place. Zulfadli, me and boss cycled and met up with jeremy with his new SCOTT. Cycled to bukit lalang. took some picture of our bikes. And we've came out with our team name "W2". It stands for Weight Weenie of Weekend Warrior. Nice ait. After that gi mamak, and then to boss place. THEY took OFF my GRANNY ring. Now my crank only 2 pieces. :)After that had our dinner. then i went home

Sunday, January 10, 2010

PCP Mountain Bike XC race

Putrajaya Challenge Park organized a XC race upon the launching of the park.
Well many registered and most of the elite rider were there. My team - haziq, hafiz, zul, jeremy. Others attended epul, amir, adip, abg am, aie dan ramai la lagi.

Well the race started pretty late. Suppose at 8am but because Melayu yg organize, have to wait for the minister bla n bla and the race start at 10am. And the martial on the pajero Fucked Up when they brought us to wrong turn, and many who were in front had to turn back and catch the front group.

The total distance is 12km (5km tarmac and 7km off road) myself managed to get the 13 spot overall. Dapat follow the elite group. Hem hem hem. Dah power ni sebab pakai power balance and makan power gel. Epul was behind me but ada this part uphill dah xlarat and he cut me there. The trail was awesome.

So, i am looking forward for the PCP race but they have to improve on their timing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


1st thing which is the most important is my girl. Yeap who else if bukan Arfa. Like most of my cycling friends pun dah kenal. Paling lawak bila gi kedai advance cycle, Lily tanye 'aku dengar kau dah ade girlfren'... hahahhaha mcm lah saya baru ade GF.

2nd i love my bicycle... the precious BMC. Now already tip top condition. Race ready.

3rd are my toshiba laptop and iPod. Reason... nak on9 and listen to songs.

4th is my cycling stuff.... helmet, shoes, jc

5th are my shoes. Adidas, onitsuka.

Well ape pun family 1st ait.

Setting up Arfa's mountain bike... well bila dah jumpe ezlynn the singer, ade la geng for her kan. But i'm the one who gonna built up the bike. money money.
But at least she wants to cycle... loose some weight. hahahahahah. Yeap looking forward for the bike.

So actually banyak lagi... tp xleh pk right now

Friday, January 8, 2010


well i just upgrade my bike :)
1st - Fox F100 RLC 2009 + free 661 glove
2nd - KCNC seatpost
3rd - token ceramic bottom bracket.

total spend - 1750+200+220 = RM2170

Saturday, January 2, 2010

two thousand and 10

malam new year... gi kl tower naik basikal. Ade jump from 9pm-1am for celebrating new year. Abg Radhi patah tulang blakang time landing langgar kereta BMW yang mengganggu landing area. Cepat sembuh.

1.01.10- Base jump at Gua Damai. me, sheryll, cik E and nik. I did twice. The 1st one is a good one. the second one... too bad. Been scolded by my dad and cik idrus a.k.a my instructor. Well i learned a lesson. Mean while nik at his last jump, crash at the wall and stuck there. The rescue team had to take him down. Lucky no bad injuries.