Friday, February 26, 2010

first hand held :) what a relief

it was on wednesday 24/2/2010 - there is base jumping over KL tower.
So i went la.... how can i'm gonna miss it rite.
Left shah alam around 10.30. Traffic jam all the way.
Reached KL around 11.30, saw from car few jumpers under canopy
Got very excited... so i went up.
My 1st jump of the day was PCA - pilot chute assisted.
The second jump is my first hand held ...
I was at the edge, holding the pilot chute, thinking am i doing the rite thing.
So i did. YEAH!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i've conqured Genting Highland

It was Thursday 18 Feb 2010, the W2 (haziq, teh n boss) manage to cycle up from Genting Sepah McD to First World Genting.

We had our breakfast at McD, while my gal as the crew for W2. Hehehe
We start the journey around 9.30am. Took us only 30 minutes to reach Gohtong Jaya where we re-group before climbing up Genting.

Teh was in front, leaving me about 1-2 minutes behind while boss about 5 minutes behind me.

Total distance 42km. My average speed climbing up was 11.6km/hr and Max speed was 66km/hr. Well i'm happy as i manage to cycle up one of the insane hill where not many people can do. I think la...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

her first mountain biking :)

Hehehehe... ni agak klaja la kan nak tulis.
When the bicycle dah siap assemble, so i plan to take Arfa ride off road.
I text Adam... so that ezlynn and intan can join and accompany her.
On friday evening... we went to Frim.
Parked at Malay tea house... once hujan berenti.. we ride.
At first ride slow slow... by myself bawak Haikal.. a uitm sport rec student.. tarik la laju and just the two of us in front. Naik steroid. During the downhill... saw arfa and intan at the pondok. Muke arfa that time... merah and dia dah start menyumpah. hehehehehehehehe. Pastu lalu tasik. But trail to tasik byk downhill with loose rocks. Dia dan takot and menjerit. lucky Adam boleh ajar. Myself... hmmm faham je la kan. Bila dah kuar.. they want to continue climb jogging track. But arfa made a statement 'rasa nak bunuh diri'. Ok ok so i went to the car. Waited for the others. Basuh my bike. Oh saya kene gigit pacat.
After that, went to damansara perdana to have our dinner. Around 10pm baru gerak balik.
Penat :)