Saturday, November 29, 2008

KL MTB Carnival... the seeding.

I arrived around 2.30pm n took my race kit. Then, i get myself prepared, put on the race number and so on. My number was 022. And i'm in the first group. At 4.30, they called the riders to sign in. Most who participated are state riders, eg terengganu and selangor. Some from famous team eg Letua, Upnm n P2k. So my chance to get the top 15 is far from my imagination.. hahahaha.
As the race starts, i tried to follow the leader, but then till i came to 'lung buster', i was like 'damn, this is just the beginning'. There are few parts where i had to push my bike. Kinda fun tho i'm not in the top 15. I'm in the 25 position with the time of 33min. The first guy with the time of 25min n the 15 guy with 30min.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Report on Kayuhan Anggerik Shah Alam

So my geng,[ zul, lynn, fahmi, hafiz n sape ntah i dunno her name (hafiz punye gf) ], join the kayuhan anggerik which was held at shah alam. It is not CRITICAL MASS. Its just fun ride n therefore it is known "KAYUHAN ANGGERIK". There were many riders, from roadies to mtbies. Myself, hafiz, zul n fahmi pakai baju formal. Oh and t first everyone looked at us, like looking a freaking alien. I don't even care. Coz what i know, its not a race or training ride, its just a fun ride. FUN. So i wore what i want. N d owner of Bike Extreme, kak anis berkata "adik xde jc ke?, dtgla kedai akak beli". N what did i replied "kak, ni bukan race, ni syok syok punya ride, tak wajib pun. Kalau race baru pakai, tapi yg dorang yg pakai jc ni xmasuk pun race" POYO JE LEBIH. Daaaaa.

During the ride, the police pun bongok, bawak laju, jadi berpecah la. N the roadies igt race, yela xdpt wakil state nak masuk race jadi ni la peluang nak show off their performance n syok ada police macam 'Jelajah Malaysia'. Xpe xpe first time. Dimaafkan. Then after the 10km ride, they made another ride without the police. This ride baru dapat mass ride, slow n steady. But then the route was not busy at all. NO ONE saw this group cycle. To me the aim is to get the public attention. Maybe they'll change for the next mass.

So the total ride was 30 km. Org yg kutuk awal2 tu tertutup la mulut sebab kami habis the 30km n we r in the front. Naik bukit kami senyum pakai neck tie, yg berJC, pongeh, lidah dah jilat jalan. Hahahaha.

See you in the next fun ride. The alley cat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Skydiving Quotes.. hehehehe

"When the people look like ants-PULL,When the ants look like people-PRAY."

"Out of 10,000 feet of fall, always remember that the last half inch hurts the most."

Only skydivers know why the birds sing. They never have to pack a parachute.

"Anyone can fall out of an airplane; skydivers just do it right."

"Know skydiving, know life..... NO skydiving, NO life"
"I live with fear and terror, but sometimes I leave her and go skydiving."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cycle that hill!!

evening of 18 Nov 08, myself along with my old man cycle to 'bukit langat'. We cycled from home. At the starting of the hill, from the traffic light, it took me 15 minutes to reach to the top. I was struggling since more than a year i did not cycle over that hill. There were also 3 mtbers who climb that hill, they were from ampang. When both of us cycled home, singgah McD. I ordered spicy chicken mcdeluxe. Yum Yum. The end.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Training for comp!

Myself, Zul n Wan Rocco planed to cycle at nite around KL. We met up at Pelita KLCC. So kayuh xjugak, melepak minum borak-borak. Then there is a road race starts from dataran. No one knows about it, tu pun bro janggut letua bagitau. Then we cycle to dataran, yup memang ada road race. N zul decided wants to join the race n he also said 'malam ni kita kayuh doket je la'. After that, we went to bangsar, n met janggut. Borak lagi n minum lagi. Pastu bersurai balik la ke ampang semula dengan perut lapar.

16 Nov
Planned to cycle at kiara with hafiz ronggeng. supposely 8.30. Tp bangon at 9. He called ask whether on or not. On la.... we arrived arround 10. Start from the race track... climb climb climb. FUCK!!! Trail licin. My bike at last calar kene batu at 'lung buster'. We exit the race track at the peak n went to 'twin peak'. Climb climb climb. Then bila turun jumpe Yob and Aemi pushing their horse.. hahahaha. So they asked us to join them ride to 'flinstone and rock garden'. The trail pergh terlalu technical, with loose rocks. Hafiz tergoleh few times at the last one injured him badly at his knee. Tercampak tetapi dengan berbekalkan pengalaman, tiada patah riuk. Pastu meter pulak hilang, g cari meter but failed to find it. The we went staright to the parking n washed our bikes. Then we had our lunch and straight home. THE END.

Monday, November 10, 2008

ke kedai basikal....

so tergeraklah hati nak gi kedai beasikal, 'bikepro' at ss2. Kononnya nak register for the kiara race n potong handle kasi pendek, tetapi nafsu nak beli barang sangat memuncak! PERGH tgk road bike scott. I asked Lim, 'Lim scott ni berapa, lawa ni pakai groupset sram rival'. Lim pun jawab, '10,000 lebeh je, performance bagus'. Hahahaha i only smile je dengar harga. So, i fill n the form for the race n paid for the entrance fee. N i bought a 'nalini' tight, memandangkan tight ada 1 je. Pastu borak2 basikal dengan wong and lim. Habis la duit RM210 untuk lawatan tersebut. So len kali, nak gi kedai basikal jangan lah bawak duit.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

KL Mountain Bike Carnival is back!!!

29 and 30 November.

saya sangat happy!!!

huh why?
6 Nov 08 - Final exam over. The last paper was LAW MTC087. N guess what, the question was the same as the test! FUCK! Tp still boleh jawab..... hahahahhaha walaupun lain daripada yang di spot

7 Nov 08 - Bukit Merah trip. Supposely the plan was to leave uitm at 8. Disebabkan semua letih, bangun pun 8.30. So gerak around 10. Convoy 4 kereta. 17 lelaki yang 'gila-gila'. Sampai Bkt Merah, semua excited macam budak 5 tahun, yang game paling best is the 'boomerang'. hilang telur for the first time.

8 Nov 08 - Home sweet home. Leave uitm at 3 pm. Speed 120-150. Harap tak kene saman coz before this dah kene. Sampai KL at 7. 4 jam je tu pun berenti at tapah makan. Then hantar farid n salee. then wafi lee n que.
Hari yang sangat penat.