Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

found the key!

saya pelik? pelik ke?

there are people saying that i'm weird being a guy.
Their reason -
1. sebab tak tengok bola.
2. tak hisap rokok.

Haziq suke kayuh basikal tak macam laki lain. Dah dia kaki bangku, kayuh la basikal. Tp, dia juga suke terjun dari langit biru bagaikan burung bebas terbang. Tapi u must have a parachute, or else u die lor. Rock climbing, suke gitu-gitu je. Tak terer la.

Blog saya membosankan... dah agak daaa
Sebenarnya, saya suke show-off. Yep nak tunjuk saya habiskan my $ dekat basikal. Not gadgets. Ye la i have 4 iPod je. FOUR je. iPod, iPod video, iPod Mini and iPod video. I try to bitching kat blog ni. hehehehehe

dimanakah kunci rumah ku?

i dont know where i left my house keys. The remote errr mahal la. Must be somewhere. Pls God help me find it.

puasa, puasa jugak. Kayuh wajib jugak.

friday 28 August - nite ride with due roda shah alam. 5 riders, abg am, adip + 2 riders sy xkenal. @ marshall. Total ride 34km. Start at 10.30 and ends around 1am.

Saturday 29 August.
My long F**king ride. home-titiwangsa-duke-ampang-klcc-chow kitt-the mall-bkt tunku-masjid wilayah-hartamas-duke-kg pandan-home. 56km. PENAT!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my french test.

Apakah logiknya bila benda sepatutnya di ajar, tidak di ajar, namun benda itulah yang keluar test.
Sangat tak masuk akal.

Dan 'dia' harapkan kita belajar sendiri. Boleh terima akal ke? Buku tu tulis dalam french, how the hell am i going to translate it. STUPID

IIUM/ UIA MTB Challenge

woah... UIA nak buat MTB challenge. Mcm best je.
Date 10 & 11 Oct 09.
more details at

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i'm tired of chasing

from shah alam to segamat

Sunday, as mentioned earlier in previous post, got MLS II test and replacement class. So i went, without enough sleep cos have to study (salah sendiri study last minute).

So the class ends around 12. So, in a sudden rasa nak gi segamat to jump. Call my dad, he said lama lagi coz the singaporian pun buat skydiving in segamat. Then i asked him, can i come. He said come la. Then excited. I called Atan, ask him to accompany me. Around 1 i pick him up. Then straight ahead to Segamat. Reach there around 3.15.

Sampai-sampai je, tgk abg iwan penat lipat payung, so i took over. Bulan puasa maaa..... Then abah kata, nak naik tak? Obviously la nak!

So for the last sortie, myself, pak karim and manang. Manang do a static line, while me and pak karim kononnye nak buat 2 way, terabur jugak since tak prepare. We jump at 5000feet. Btw ade video... huhuhuhuh will get it uploas a.s.a.p

Time balik, this 2 fellow english nak tumpang.. naik kancil je. Matthew and Chris. So have a chat with em, dorang pun terbongkang kat blakang. Sampai ayer keroh, bukak puasa. Then continue the journey to Bukit Bintang to drop the 2 dudes. After drop them, dah janji dengan atan nak makan kat nando's. So we had ours at Sg Wang. Then terus balik rumah and sampai around 10. Then tuka kereta, balik shah alam.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can't skydive this weekend.... waaaaaaa

This week got skydiving in Segamat. Got 10 new students. So today, abah conduct the class, got 2 sweet Chinese chicks... huhuhuhu. Sadly, can't go... have MLS 2 test and replacement class. Haih. Sooo dissapointed.

RAMADHAN dah tiba.... puasa la.

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan. Moga banyakkan ibadat, dan puasa penuh. hehehehe

PCC prez ride 2009

i'm in yellow

it was awesome this year. Bout 1200 participants registered. During flag off, i was in the front pact..... only in loop 1, which is about 25km. Masuk CP2, kaki dah buat hal, nak kram je keje. Menyesal tertinggal Menza kat rumah. Akirnya kram jugak kaki kat peha left and right. Still ride slowly, any hill i see, MTB- Mari tolak basikal. Before CP3, ade this marshall of PCC got pain spray... it helps. At CP3, met all my friends yang menjadi mangsa kram. Dorang terkejut why i behind them, coz i was in the front. Durh aku salah masuk trail... sesat. And my fren, Boss tayar bocor 2 kali. At trail loop 3, the hills are killers. That time, menyesal masuk, tido lagi best kat rumah. Tolak my bike slowly with jai and umar. Tp at last they left me behind, not that long jumpa balik dorang bersila tepi trail, kram balik. heheheheheh. Bila sampai peak at CP3, downhill..... sampai CP4, nak kata enjoy, NO!!!! too tired to handle my bike. Sampai CP4, tought of no more hill, tp there is one. Slowly climb till finish line. Sign out at 2.15pm. I completed all 4 stages. That time rasa memang puas.... tho ramai yang tak dapat habiskan all 4.bak kata boss macam 'back street boys'

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Collection of goodies

on the 15, i went to bandar utama, to collect the goodies. Was so excited that day, as i need the ride passport so much. Met some friends who also going to participate in that event. Power Bar booth
Janggut tgh mempromosikan pruduk power bar

Lining up to collect the goodies

Inside the goodie bag, 1 t-shirt, ride passport, cycling asia poster, cycling asia bangle, stickers, 2 powerbar

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I own a Toshiba Satellite L510.

Acer Aspire 5050, sold to Atan.

Special thanks, to my parents.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

jangan la time dekat PCC....

Like durh.... why 15 and 16 ade je orang nak kacau saya?

At first, puan Su'Aida, my Malaysia Legal System wanted to do a test on the 16, sunday. It's during PCC.... NO! so i went to see her and she postpone it to 23rd.

Just now, received a call from UiTM Arau, they want me to come there, to be one of the panel for Sport Communication on the 15. NO! 15 ade paragliding comp at Bahau, and i'm planning of jumping from paraglider.

So far, i still manage the situation, though on the 17 there will be a test on TORT, a day after PCC. I hope i survive the endurance ride. Ride on.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lots of people don't like me, but there are minority who enjoy my company.
How they can handle my attitude, i don't know, u guys have to ask em.
I dont really spent time with my friends, only on certain occasion, which brings benefit to me.
I LOVE CYCLING so MUCH & not to forget, SKYDIVING.... its way better than SEX. But still, sex is in the list.
So most of my time, i will be on my bike, or free falling from the skies... i mean during weekends.
There are people out there who cares bout me, and i'm glad to know that.
I do care bout other people. I'm sorry cos there are times which i have to let it go.

things turn to real...

i got a new helmet... better brand than i expected.
Next, bout the notebook, naaa i dont want VAIO, heavy lah. 2.6kg.... thinking of getting toshiba. Will see.

Be patient.

a new beginning. i think

lots of things been happening this year. Haziq is in relationship with Arfa Yunus. And ramai PEOPLE tak suke. OK.... but come to think bout it, am i disturbing them? And talk behind my fucking back? It's a small world. I will know what u said bout me, and when i talk bout em, tahu pulak nak melenting, panasnye bontot.

Korang kan people yg kononnye COOL.... perasan cool. Ape yang cool nye? pakai laptop mahal? pakai cell phone mahal like iPhone n BLUEBERRY CAKE tu? DURH.... if i want to buy, seriously i can buy. The prob is i'm not that freako to buy all those stuff so that i'm look cool. I spend my money on my bicycle. BTW it cost me more than 10k ady. Tp korang boleh ke beli, but hey, korang bukan minat pun. I have 5 iPod... tak menunjuk pon.

Besides, no need for u to be, or wanna be like the movies or reality tv show..... durh sgt typical. Be what ever u wanna be. Have ur own identity la sayang oi!

Seriously, bila baca and dengar mulut orang, WOW people really hate me, ape aku buat kat korang? Yang korang buat kat aku tak terfikir pula kepala otak yang bijaksana itu?

Yela kalau korang tu bijaksana, dan saya ni hanya manusia biasa yang bodoh, beli basikal mahal, nak kene kayuh lagi. Kalau korang mesti beli motor or kereta dgn harga sedemikian kan. Tp manusia macam korang ni lah yang tak bertamadun, wey kenderaan bermotor la punca bumi ni NAZAK... Panas nak mampus, pastu korang tahu nak complaint 'malaysia panasnye'. WTF

Well, like i said, mulut masing-masing. If u think what u are saying is true, and it brings good, go ahead. Coz i'm going to do the same thing.

So from now, i'm going to speak up my mind. A NEW BEGINNING

Friday, August 7, 2009

KASK 50 Basic

Just got a new cycling helmet! KASK 50 Basic.... 100% made in ITALY. Bought it at Due' Roda Bike shop in Shah Alam. The price is RM600. At first, i want to get me GIRO atmos, but then it is no more in production. Then, in my mind, GIRO Saros or Ionos (livestrong), too bad no size and its too expensive. RM990. By the way, thanks to a friend of mine, who paid half for this helmet, as a birthday gift. Thanks Tirah. Really appreciate it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009