Monday, November 29, 2010

Sepang Jamboree 2010

my 1st jamboree for this year.
I'm not registered, but using someone's number lah courtesy of Lim.
It was a 45km trail... muddy and slippery.
The trail marking i would rate 3/10. Very very poor.
But for the food they provided 80% since its KFC... hehehehe
I manage to came out number 21 :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Registered myself under the open category
Most top riders turn up for this race including my best buddy Lim Yew Meng (1st time to pcp)
The open category started at 2pm
Total of 4 laps
Flag off- the route was to round the 'kampung' before entering the trail to break the crowd.
I manage to stay in the 1st group during the break away
However once i entered the trail.... PONGEH already. hahahaha
the 2nd lap, my bottle burst due to 'soft drink'.
i have to cycle without water for 1 lap
So i try to maintain top 20 which i managed.
But, at the final lap, the right leg cramped and the worst part is that is happened at the feeding zone.
Just 1 last lap :(

One good thing that i cramp at the feeding area cos there are people can help

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 speed!

I have upgraded my bike according to the era of Mountain Biking
It means 10 speed people!
At first Sram released their XX, which i can't afford
But for 2011, Shimano releases 10 speed Dyna Sys, and its affordable

I didn't buy the whole group set.
Only bought the necessary stuff- Shifter, RD and cassette
Shifter n RD- Shimano XT
Cassette- Sram X9 (12-36)

So not my bike runs 29-30 crankset
along with 12-36 cassette

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


its mine :)

KL MTB Carnival 2010

This is i think my 5th participation in kl mtb carnival.
My target this year is to go to the final of the 18-30 category.
On the seeding day, it was raining heavily.... and for all u know i run on kenda klimax.
So i was in the second group for the seeding. I managed came out 4th for the group.
Later the result was announced, and my name was 19th so im not qualified.
With disappointment i went for a drink with other riders, and i received a call from the organizer saying that i qualify to final and im the 15th rider.

The final...
Another bad luck for me, fell off my bike at the rocky switch back on the second lap.
DNF again....
i was took to the hospital, coz they suspect something wrong with my shoulder.
i it was damn hurt as the doctor push back my shoulder to its proper place