Sunday, May 31, 2009

Touring KL-Penang (28-31May 09)

abg man - tido berdiri
tayar An bocor kat Taiping
cell phone An jatuh dlm longkant kat kuala kangsar
kaki ku dah start berbelang... taken at kuala kangsar
my ride..... my favorite BMC

Riders- Haziq, Abg Man, An, Zain & Salehuddin aka Atan. Atan only manage to cycle from KL- Tanjung Malim, he surrendered. So only left the four of us.

27 May 09
Meeting place was the Petronas Taman Melati, myself reach there by 6.10am. It was planned by 6 t gather, however Zain only arrived there by 6.40 and An by 7. Then we cycle to Batu Cave, meet up Abg Man. Then before the fly-over at Batu Cave, An's front tire punture. Change the tube, we continue cycle to Rawang. We stop at Pekan Rawang for breakfast. There, i change my slick tire with Atan, as to help him. Then we continue cycle. The journey was quite slow, as Atan was not used with cycling and long distance journey. He got cramp 5 times. I decicded that he should turn back, since time is not on our side. We had our break at Tanjung Malim's famous Pau, there we had our lunch and my Dad wanted to pick up Atan. Mean while, for the 4 of us, we continued our journey at 4 and straight ahead to Sungkai. We reached Sungkai around 8.30pm. We went to Petronas, asking for any kind of place to stay. Reluctantly, there is none. We went to a stall, had our dinner. The shop owner give us to stay at their house. Well the house is not occupied, so just the 4 of us.

28 May 09
Woke up at 6, we left the house around 7, went to Kak Normah's place to pass the keys and had our breakfast at a nearby stall. After that, straight ahead we cycle. We stop at Ipoh, had our lunch at McDonalds. The best part, Abg Man naik van from Gopeng to Ipoh. Hahahahaha. Then we continue our journey to Kuala Kangsar. We reached Kuala Kangsar maghrib, we stayed at Hotel Seri Kangsar. It cost us RM99. That night i met Raheimi at the food court. That night, we planned to start our journey at 6.30am.

29May 09
Woke up at 7.30am! everyone were laughing since abg Man with his statement "naik van je lah". Gelak sampai nak roboh hotel. We check put at 9, had our breakfast and abg Man went to a bicycle shop to change his tube. We left Kuala Kangsar around 10am. The next stop is Taiping. Zain said he wanted to try Mee Udang Mak Teh that came out in TV3. We ask the people, they said 7km more. We cycle in, it was not 7km but it was 14km. Means 28km!. After that, we continue our journey to Penang. From Taiping to Kuala Kangsar, well it was hell. For us to reach Bagan Serai, it's killing the four of us. However we managed to reach Butterworth, we bought out KTM ticket. Took ferry to island, cycle to Gurney Drive. Then. We cycled to Feringgi. It was dangerous since there are car races. Damn. Arrived in Feringgi at 2am, our place to stay is E.T Guest House, just next to the beach. I was totally tired, i really had a good sleep.

30 May 09
Everyone woke up late! Noon. Then we had our lunch, walk around Feringgi. I went to Cyber Cafe. At 6, we left Feringgi at straight to Ferry. Our ticket was 9pm. we reach the station at 8pm.
Took the train to KL, 9 hours journey. Arrived KL at 6am.

Total distance log - 463.27km

Monday, May 25, 2009

24 may- Lepaking

Pagi at 9.15, gerak gi Jelebu, Din tunang.
Sampai rumah at 4, then janji dgn norafiq nak kuar, so amik dia at 5, gi makan kat Capital cafe.
After that gi Campbell kompleks, pastu gi amik Que, terus gi Madmonkeys Climbing gym. The 3 of us climb.. we try the grade 5C n 5C+. And i'm now a member of Madmonkeyz...
After Maghrib, gerak Kg Baru, jumpe Termizie, ktorg makan kat Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa yg mahal. After that, anta Que balik, then norafiq lepak my house sampai 1am. Pastu anta dia keje kat Traders hotel.

Sunday times- 24 may 09

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tired- enjoyable.. izit?

Camp Harness
Malacca- Jalan Tan Cheng Lock

Woke up early in the morning, abah, shahrul along with me went to malacca. 1st stop, kem Pulpak Sg. Udang, met En Roslan Komando. Then around 2, went to Banda Hilir to meet Joseph from Singapore. About 5, we left malacca and reach KL around 6.30.

After that staright away i went to rumah Mak, had my so call lunch. Angah gave me a brand new harness... heheheheh .
At 8, i went to summit to collect some adidas stuff. Reach home at 10. Haih.. penat wooo

Putrajaya nite ride

22 May 09
Joined the nite riders, tho i'm using the MTB. Total of 9 cyclist.
Distance is 60km. Total time is 3 hours.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ride of SILENCE

Awek for the nite... heheheh cute!

20 May 09...

Kritikal KL menganjurkan 'kayuhan senyap' yang bertujuan memperingati mangsa kekejaman motoris terhadap pengguna basikal.

Seramai 30 org, dari seluruh pelusuk KL hadir, bermula dari Central Market dan mengambil alih jalan KL dengan kelajuan 15km.

Kehadiran kami mendapat perhatian orang ramai, dan mendapat galakan positif.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Cycle from home to Putrajaya and return.
Total distance is 59.33km.
Time- 2 hours n 45 minutes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


13 May 2009
My grandma, Mariam, she's one of the survivors of Bukit Kepong tragedy.
If u read the novel, then u know, the wife of Jaafar.
She was burried in Cheras.