Monday, October 26, 2009

obstacle before i become a base jumper

friday - after friday prayers, i went to KL Tower. Just to watch them jump
Saturday - i wanted to do base jump. So i called en Idrus who is in charge of the event. All he wanted from me is reference about my skydiving. So i called upon some base jumpers asking for a favor, however, what i received was a negative one. I was so surprised that they can give a jumper who only did 48 skydives and he even cant stable during free fall can do base jump. While i'm here who already done more than 200, was stop from doing it.

So, a simple thing to do, is to ask my father who a senior instructor and also a base jumper along with en Karim who is also a base jumper and a senior instructor to become my reference. My father go and see en Idrus. My father was also surprised when idrus said that he received a negative comments on me regarding my accuracy and body fly. However, en Idrus agreed to let me do base jump. En idrus told me to come the next day, and he will train me.

Sunday, went to kl tower. Waited and waited till 1pm. I filled the form and went to level TH03 there i did my training. I received negative words from some M'sian base jumpers. Example 'he's stubborn, let him do it, anything happen than he'll know'. The funny part, a new base jumper with only 48 skydives also gave a negative comment on me. WTF!

My dad trained me. Jump as to hit the wall. Indian Base Jumpers wondering what the hell am i doing and i said i'm going to do my 1st base jump and they also was surprised.

At 3, i went to the deck, and did my jump. All people who were up there totally silent just to watch my 1st base jump.

When i landed, 2 base jumpers from US, hug me. Words from them 'Your exit was beautiful!' and 'Your canopy control was awesome'

From indian base jumpers 'u did a superb job'

All i can say is thanks. And i still remember at the edge of kl tower, en Idrus whisper to my ear 'ada orang dekat sini tak suke haziq terjun, pak cik percaya haziq boleh buat dan prove them wrong'

I'm officially a base jumper

layman would say that skydiver are crazy. However skydivers would say that Base jumper are crazier.

Well i did my 1st base jump on 25 Oct 2009 at 3.20pm at KL Tower. It was a 'pca' type of jump.
I would like to thank God for being there for me, my father who gave the permission and not to forget en Idrus, my base instructor, who teach and believe that i can do a base jump though many people is against me from doing it. Arfa came all the way from shah alam and these photos are taken from her's.

I would like to share the moment during at the edge and the jump.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Temporary AWAY due to some circumstances

Saturday, October 3, 2009


US Air Force Thunderbird came to malaysia doing an air show at M'sian Air Force base in subang. Went there with my dear gf. Traffic... sgt sgt gem. And to find parking is another problem.
The show started around 11 plus.. 6 F16 flew. Comment on the show... HMmmm OK la. Not like awesome or something.... most of the flying pattern sama je... only 2 or 3 yang buat myself excited. Will upload the pics.

And time balik, stuck dalam tudm base 2 jam. Tido dlm kete n i let her drive. too tired