Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UiTM Shah Alam.... At last

Now i'm a BLS student of uitm shah alam.
Staying in 'kolej perindu'
Its not that 'best' here.... its kinda bored when u find urself stuck in a big campus without my bicycle......
When will i bring my bike? Till my old man give his 'restu'
For now, what i know the nearest place is my house... hehehhehe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my new carbon fibre bar end. WHITE!

Purchased it at BikePro. Cost me Rm120. It fits my bike, since most of the color is white.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kiara Funky Ride

The ride was 50-50... since hafiz that nite told everyone that we are not fit enought to enter kiara after a long nite ride. However Mr Zul insisted n said sissy to those yang xberani. Hmmmmm... ok. Myself mcm malas coz i heard dorang ni tak terer technical... means they don't like handling the bike but only know how to cycle. Never mind bout that. So plan to get at kiara by 10, had our breakfast at Ismail's. Went to carnival, change my tyre. By 11 we went in.
Riders that day:
  1. Syaz
  2. Hafiz
  3. Rizal
  4. Wan
  5. Rocco
  6. Haziq
  7. Zul

We went in 2K n to tokong, met the free riders buat trail for the downhill race. Aemi told me to go to Puyuh Trail. Dorang pun kata on. Myself bawak je. So we met the junction where i've made a mistake. Tp that trail pernah masuk. So terkeluar at rock garden. Zul menyumpah. Dey Macha ni MTB.. Mau kayuh main road or frim je la. TAK ROCK LANGSUNG. Buat tak tau sudah. At last i made the decision to bring back to the peak and kuar the route to twin peak, n berjaya. Tho they are not happy with me. So a reminder to them, ni baru inside kiara, belum route to hartamas. If to hartamas mau dorang muntah. Afterall now i know dorang ni bukan 'Hard Core" MTBs. Not like my old gang dulu, Epul, Mizie, Aemi, Shakir, Alwin. Man they bring you to hell. No one complain since it is part of MTB. What i know is that is the last time they going to ride at kiara. Or maybe took them 1 year or more to conquer kiara.

Moral of the story, if u r not good enough, don't dream to ride at kiara. Hahaha sampai baling basikal. Belum masuk Tekala and Tanjung Malim or 'Jejak Mat Kilau'.

After the ride, i went home, it was raining. Abah called home and asked me to pick him up at Ah Yong. I went n guess what, he spent his money on his bike. Change the crank, brakes. OK.

Then around 6 i went n pick her up n go to 1utama, bought me a phiten necklace. Cool

Friday, December 5, 2008

Putrajaya revisit

This time only myself je bawak MTB. Yang lain semua bawak road.
Start rolling at 9.00pm.
Riders that nite:
  1. Haziq
  2. Hafiz
  3. Zul
  4. Zain
  5. Rocco
  6. Haji
  7. Zakir

Memang laju, namun ku pakai tayar slick.. boleh la ikut sikit, xde la tinggal jauh.

Total distance is 45km. After that gi mamak double trouble dgn geng powerman, (dino n geng). Then jam pun dah 1am. So semua chow balik.

The end

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My first Putrajaya Nite Ride

3 December 08, Zul called ajak kayuh. But then around 7, he said Putrajaya.
Myself like malas since dorang bawak road bike.
However, he said ade mountain yg join, which is wani, lynn n fendi.
Arrived at putrajaya around 9.30, rolling at 9.45.
Riders that nite:
  1. Zakir
  2. Awe Way2Ride
  3. Hafiz
  4. Zul
  5. Haziq
  6. Fendi
  7. Wani
  8. Lynn

Myself ikot zakir n awe, mak aih laju nak mampos, still mampu ikot with speed of 35-45km for 20km. Then we reduce the speed cos tunggu for the others who left behind.

Total distance 34km. Finished at 11pm.