Monday, April 27, 2009

25, 26 & 27

25- flew to segamat from subang with capt Amin. Got skydiving session. Only 5 new students. Everything went well, only the wind quite strong. I didnt make any jump coz not well.

26- Badan dah sakit gila, went to Hospital Ampang. Kene dengue... lucky doc bagi balik but hav to go back on 27 for further check-up

27- Suppose to go to the hospital, malas la... went to One Utama with my dad, boughtme climbing shoes at Camp 5. Still demam. I tought dah beli boleh sihat ckit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

malam penuh activity (20 April 09)

Myself and the others (Bun, Ewe, Que, Daryl n Oma) went to Burger King Shah Alam at extreme park, coz daryl got this free burger coupon. We went and have our dinner, its my first time, memang syok tgk skate boarders, mtb-ers and wall-climbers.... tp ktorg pun g lah makan.

After that, we went to Big Apple, same thing ade coupon, g balik Burger King, nak lepak at extreme park. So terasa nak climb, i went to the office, tanya how, that guy kata free, unless without equipment, have to rent. Nevermind, g tengok org climb je lah. Tp xleh tahan, i approach one of the climbers, laaaa my long time friends rupanya dorang... so borak-borak then dapat climb 4 kali, Omar n Que pun climb... FOR FREE...

Thanks to the guys- Kak Pot, Kak Ida, Acap, Zul and others... after this leh start climb balik. Dah lama meninggalkan sukan ini.. heheheheh

Friday, April 17, 2009


i bought a new phone, replacing the Nokia 6300 to Nokia 7310 Supernova.
Reason, coz the 6300 Que pakai. So kene lain. Besides it has speaker problem.
Next item, new swatch. My old swatch, the motor rosak ady. Since then i borrowed from my lil bro. But now, i have my own.
Adidas Country 70s.... new shoes. I didnt bought it full price. Got staff discount 30%. Besides that, i went to adidas factory outlet, bought me some shirts, got 40% discount.
I'm planning to sell adidas stuff in july, with reliable price. From head to toe.
i'll upload the picture, with the prices, and compare at regular store

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Final just around the mamak corner

22 April 09 - Ctu
23 April 09 - Contract 1
28 April 09 - TORT
2 May 09 - Malaysia Legal System
10 May 09 - Contitution 1