Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eco-X 2010

Eco-X? sounds challenging........
Yeap its totally a challenging race.
For the mountain bikers, its not really a cross country race, instead its a race where u have to carry your bike uphill and slide downhill on a slippery trail
There were 3 loops for the Mens Open- Killer Loop, Big Loop and Small Loop.

The race- I registered under Mens Open
Tag Number - 8022
Time- 10.30am

After the flag off, i think 30 minutes after that, real heavy rain fall off from the sky with lightning!!!
Lucky i was in the leading group, so the trail was not damage yet.. still it was damn slippery.
The trail with fallen trees and torn, yeap many riders got cuts at the leg or hands. Worst the PACAT as the number 1 enemy..
I didnt get any Pacat... lucky lor.
Since it was raining, we had to cross 3 rivers which is running fast... many had troubled crossing coz u hav to carry your bike along.
For me, i cramp my leg 3 times... i was the third rider for the category, and Jacky who was following my back got the chance to overtake me :(

I finished 4th... happy with it. Total distance is 25km. Took me 2 hours to complete.

Friday, July 2, 2010

wheres my money!!!

Aiyoh this money suppose for something else
It end up of me buying cycling stuff
So what i bought was a Polar FS3c and a parentini short

I wanted the polar long time ago. Suddenly today when i went to Joo Ngan Son, he gave me promotion price. God...

Now i'm short of money... :(