Monday, March 23, 2009

Skydiving session 23 march 09.... 1st batch 2009

Group photograph

Hooked turn

KL Skydiving Association received 11 new fresh students. 1 of them is my senior from former high school, Shahrul. The team of KL skydivers, En. Azlan (Chief Instructor), En. Karim (Instructor, Jump Master), Irwan (packer) and Haziq (DZSO, packer and Free Fall Jump Master).

Aircraft used was Cessna 172, piloted by Capt Amin. The sydiving session started at 9am with static line jump. The height was at 4000 feet. 12 sorties for that day including 2 free fall at 6000 feet. 1 of the student, Faizal, did his first free fall... Congratulation to him.

For myself, i did two free fall jumps at 6000ft. I was the jump master for the first jump, to observe free fallers- Zul and Azuan. The second one is to observe Faizal, though there was miscommunication between me and en Karim during the exit which causes me to hold faizal during exit.
There was no jumpers landed outside the drop zone, and there was no major injury. It was a great day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue sky way up high....

I think this coming 22nd March, i'm back to the sky.
The freedom, a peace of mind, the solution to all problems.
To jump from a perfectly good airplane, the insanity of human being
To conquer fear, to go beyond the impossible.
Speed and seconds are being count.

i'm possible

its actually the word impossible = i'm possible