Monday, May 2, 2011

a visit to camp 5

as plan, since 1st May is a public holiday
planned with Aznul to climb at camp 5
reached there quiet late....
but manage to climb few times lead wall....
The toughest that i tried is the 6A
But not as hard as others that i tried... maybe it depends on the route.
No images taken since just the 2 of us, sorang climb, sorang lagi jadi belayer...
So shud i say GOOD JOB to aznul since he made big improvement to do lead climb.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


lately, been active with wall climbing.
Tho mountain biking and skydiving is my major, climbing is something that i left way back during primary.
Now, found friends to start it back.

Equipment, all i need now are the quickdraws a.k.a runner.

I have 70m rope, camp harness, 2 crabs, 2 figure of 8 and 2 atc. (tamak betol)

Places i have visited... obviously s13 extreme park, pcp and camp 5.
I can do lead climb... 5c i guess. 6A merangkak lagi....
sides been making new friends.... cool ait