Thursday, February 3, 2011

UiTM MTB Challenge 2011

Another race i have to handle...
UiTM MTB Challenge which was held on 1st feb 2011
in conjunction with LTDL which starts from UiTM-Dataran
So 2 categories- Open and Varsity
Varsity still have contenders such as emir, ameer, zul and few other.
For Open, top riders such as Shahrin Amir, Zamzi, Shahrom, Awie
3 laps all together

I only managed to get 3rd and 10th overall
I would like to thank Raceboy for sponsoring the event by giving us the opportunity to use
the -Transponder-

UiTM Mtb Criterium

Its the first time for UiTM shah alam to organize a bicycle race.
My job was to get the participants and to make the rules for a fair race.
The race was on Sunday, 30 January 2011
Around 150 riders turn up for the race.
Two categories, Varsity and Mens Open.

Race Day
It was raining the whole day
Yet the race is ON
I took part in both events.
Varsity i managed to get 7th
Open i managed to get 20th.