Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lama tak update - here it goes

right now i'm taking short course for my torts II paper.
I'm also like a 'boss' at traildermad, coz i'm the one runs the shop :)
Now, Adip is also working at traidermad under me. At least now i have someone to talk to
Oh ya not to forget, my iPod touch got stolen at the shop :(
Sales not bad at all, like this one day too many customer came by and the stock also arrived at the same time... but it was FUN
Its been quite sometimes didnt cycle with my fellow cyclist ... now more in shah alam.

I miss my girlfriend so much
When can i see you?
haih haih haih

7-17 June i'll be in Malacca for Sukma
most probably on 23 i'll be leaving to indonesia for skydive

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I started doing part time at Traildermad since 8 May.
So far so good... well tho not many cycling stuff there since its new.
And today, 13 May, Kali Protective Helmets arrived. Its a new brand in Malaysia.
I had to do over time, coz usually i finished by 8, but today 10pm.
Its a new kind of technology, and its nice tho the price a bit expensive.
Btw, my boss sponsored me one of the helmet which is AMARA XC. The price is at RM305, and i got it for free. Its actually for me to wear it for race in Negeri Sembilan.
Im very happy tho.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


lama gak la tak update this blog....
BZ with finals. Time nak final la test and assignment berlambak.
Kayuh... ade la sikit.

Upgrade kat basikal- BANYAK
Exam - kom si kom sa

Now cuti, so i'm working part time somewhere in shah alam. Cari duit sikit.
Hutang banyak sangat seyh