Saturday, January 31, 2009

What can we do in 37 seconds?

We breathe
We pulse
We regenerate
Our heart beats
Our minds create
Our souls ingest
37 seconds well used,
is a lifetime

Friday, January 30, 2009

jumaat - 30 Jan 09

Bangun tido sgt lewat , pkl 1.30. Nasib baik sempat gi solat jumaat.
Maklumlah masjid sebelah rumah.. hohoho
Then, myself, harith n abah went to kl to have our lunch... nasi briyani, sadly kedai tutup.
We had our lunch at burger king.
Before that i went to a law bookshop at masjid jamek, the price is quite cheap.
At dataran, there is Hari Kerjaya Angkatan Tentera.
So we went around, tgk pameran n demostration.
Met fellow skydivers from the 10 brigade n Handau.
Paling best booth 'Risik' with their new weapon.
Their new sniper, pistol n rifle, only their unit using em.

Made in Germany... weight 64kg

Monday, January 19, 2009

18 Jan 09- Shah Alam Criterium Race

Well i participated in that race - open category since there is no age category for me
And the best past was the NATIONAL RIDERS like Anuar Manan took part in MTB event
Besides that, most of the participant are among state riders - Sukma
12 laps i have to complete and about 30 riders during the starting of the race.
But only less than 20 completed the laps, since i asked them why, they wanna save their energy for the road race event in the evening, YEAH RITE
For the first lap, well the peloton travelled at the speed 55-60km/hr. Same speed as road bike
I only manage to stay with it only few meters, then the peloton starts to breaks into parts.
Well myself at the back, travelling at 40km/hr
Yet to me its still fast to maintain in all the laps.
But what i know, i complete all the laps within 30 mins. Good enough for me

Monday, January 12, 2009

another iPod in the family

My mom.... (above)

I've bought the new iPod touch to replace my old iPod
Total iPod that the family have is 6.
2 ipod 20gig
1 iPod mini 4 gig
1 iPod video 30 gig
2 iPod touch 8 gig
Music is part of life
Without iPod, i can't store all my songs.
Now, not only i can listen to music, but can serve the web, play games and learn french language.
Plus i can read al-quran.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


2008 just left
So what did i do during 09 eve? We went to genting!
What happen over there? NOTHING n it was totally SUCKS
However, i enjoyed myself with the weather, daaaaaaa
My mom bought me new pair of pants n shirts for class! Thanks MAK.
BLS (Bachelor Legal STUDIES) - is a tough course, means don't play-play... hahahha.
That what i was told by my friends in sem 2 and from the lecturers.
My goal now is to achieve n maintain cgpa above 3 pointer.... AMIN