Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sem baru... Jan - April 2011

Now i'm in Part 5 of Bachelor in Legal Study
Hmmmm, i'm a bit lost actually
Plus the sport center asking me to lend a hand to organize some events
Well it made me not organize
To fellow peeps, i'm sorry for any difficulties.
Hope i can manage things after this.

LeTua 100

LeTua 100 - a ride to raise fund for the LeTua CyclingTeam
its a 100 km ride, and 800 riders signed up
yeah i'm with my BMC... mountain bike for the 100km
sounds insane ait
but i survived!!!
i was ranked 171... not bad at all as i'm on MTB

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trail Building in UiTM

I was called by the Uitm Sport Center to advice them on organizing a mountain bike race.
So they gave me a green light to build a trail wherever it is possible.
However, it is hard to find a suitable area, and finally i found a place
The hill at gate 4 behind the guard house.
So I called Afhzal, Aznul an Bukh to help me build the trail.
It was Sunday morning, started at 9.30 and end at 12.
We've been attacked by army of mosquitoes and kerenggas... hahahahah
In the evening, we tested the trail... tho it is short, but it is fun.