Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st batch MTB Hash 2010

Its the first hash for this year. For me... its my second time since i got involved with mountain biking. The event took place somewhere in Semenyih.

On the way to Semenyih.
Early morning around 6.45, had to go to ayong bike shop. Coz tumpang Is. Had my breakfast. Then straight to kajang. Met with others then convoy to semenyih.

Once there.
Chit-chatting with all the guys.. jumpe lak alwin and jai. Borak. Then register. Its rm15 ok. Is blaja :).

Briefing around 9.30. Flag-off 9.50. During the ride... i manage to cycle all the way tho i had stop many time due of waiting for my frens. The best part singgah kedai beli air. Then singgah makan laksa and air klapa. Yum yum. Oh ada part mandi sungai. hahahahaha.

So finished at 2pm. Agak lama tapi its a fun ride. No pushing. Best.

Special thanks to Is coz blanja the ride and the lunch.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

W2 training day :)

a ride up to genting sepah from melawati.
The plan was to start ride at 7.15 am. Hah i woke up at 6.45.
Mandi and left... it was already 7.15. Arrived at Boss place 7.30am.
Boss pulak woke up at 7.20. Left his house at 7.45. Cycled to Petronas and met with Teh.

The cycling part.
At first there are 4 of us. Haziq, boss, Teh and shimmy.
Speed at the first 15km was 30-37km/hr.
Then once at Orang Asli Hospital... saw this roadie alone... we chase him. Catch him sampai dia bengang. Then met with KL Gals Team. At first they laught at us... igt kami xkuat la. Tapi we the W2 yang tarik the 5 roadies. Malu lah korang.

The hill.
It's getting steeper... the 2 gals start laju... n me start pancit. The 2 roadies duduk at my back. Ain't roadies to be up front? suddenly dorang patah balik. Malu kot mountain bike yang tarik. So teh was in front with the girls. Suddenly i was alone. While i was cycling... saw 2 monkeys. Suddenly they chase me/ WTF!
Finally i made it at the peak.

Going home.
Downhill... speed 40km-55km/hr. Stop at the stall for roti canai. Then went home.
A good ride with W2.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Due to fever... i slept all day. In the evening, boss text me. He wanted me to accompany him seeing a girl. So kawan punye pasal... OK boss.
8.30 at coffee bean ampang. Lepak there till midnite. I totally forgot that i'm not well. So that nite... start balik menggigil during my sleep.

Friday night

did a 18km road ride with jeremy and boss. Speed 35km/hr. Gila laju!
After that baru have my dinner. So the consequence of it, i vomit few times.
DEMAM. haih.. pity me

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wednesday... criminal class at faculty and bel class at cempaka. A distance where i have to walk from point A to B. Jauh bai. During bel class... i saw group who is suppose to have land tutorial like standing outside the classroom. I wonder why. hmmmmm. i ask Bun, weyh dorang xde class ke?
And the group left. So, Bun text madam tanye ade tutorial x. And she replied, NO.

Bun plak plan, jom lunch kat ikea. Mak aih punye la jauh. And Buk plak... aku nak join.
After bel class... balik rumah dulu tukar baju. Daryll and Pedro pun nak join. So the 5 of us of to ikea. Sampai sana... sume lapar. LAPAR ok. I ordered 10pcs meat ball. Makan n makan. Pedro plak... lepas ni jom tengok movie. Pastu gi la cineleisure plak.
Tak tau nak tengok ape... JU-ON. and myself wey xnak la cerita hantu. They bought the tickets. Masuk je cinema... i close my eyes all the way to the end. Now way i'm gonna watch a ghost movie. So it turned out to be JU-OFF.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

light and easy sunday

'Frim, 8.30am from smooth rider'. Yeap Frim ride.
Lots of riders turning up... for no reason.
It was a nice sunday morning ride at the Dream Trail and to steroid.
After riding, went to Yong... change my headset from canegreek to Token Carbon.
Well its light and not that expensive. I bought it for RM100 and the weight is 95g!
Teh on the other hand bought Ritchey Carbon WCS which is heavier and it cost RM300.
Well i'm happy for it.

Ala ala Pro

weekends :)

16 Jan 09
Hafiz plan for our geng to ride at Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP). 8.30am. So i arrived 8.30 sharp. Met Lan... and predator arrived earlier than me. Sakit perut... lari cari toilet. While preparing... one by one sampai. The last to arrived is adam along with intan and ezlynn. Ezlynn turun terus tanya.. 'mana Arfa? i bawak intan ni. Kat sini ade basikal sewa' Lor i just know bout it. So that day, 2 newbies. Intan and Azmy. It was 11 of us. I lead the way. Technical part best. hehehehehe. Once made a complete loop... Yunus pun tibe-tibe muncul. He asked me to make another loop. So i went with him with race speed. Full loop for 20 minutes. Then after that, gi wall climbing just next door. Lepak at the wall for half and hour... and perut lapar. Terus gi mamak double trouble. After that, shoot back home. While on the way, boss text, petang photoshoot at 5. Wear full suit. I went to melawati, parked my car at Boss place. Zulfadli, me and boss cycled and met up with jeremy with his new SCOTT. Cycled to bukit lalang. took some picture of our bikes. And we've came out with our team name "W2". It stands for Weight Weenie of Weekend Warrior. Nice ait. After that gi mamak, and then to boss place. THEY took OFF my GRANNY ring. Now my crank only 2 pieces. :)After that had our dinner. then i went home

Sunday, January 10, 2010

PCP Mountain Bike XC race

Putrajaya Challenge Park organized a XC race upon the launching of the park.
Well many registered and most of the elite rider were there. My team - haziq, hafiz, zul, jeremy. Others attended epul, amir, adip, abg am, aie dan ramai la lagi.

Well the race started pretty late. Suppose at 8am but because Melayu yg organize, have to wait for the minister bla n bla and the race start at 10am. And the martial on the pajero Fucked Up when they brought us to wrong turn, and many who were in front had to turn back and catch the front group.

The total distance is 12km (5km tarmac and 7km off road) myself managed to get the 13 spot overall. Dapat follow the elite group. Hem hem hem. Dah power ni sebab pakai power balance and makan power gel. Epul was behind me but ada this part uphill dah xlarat and he cut me there. The trail was awesome.

So, i am looking forward for the PCP race but they have to improve on their timing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


1st thing which is the most important is my girl. Yeap who else if bukan Arfa. Like most of my cycling friends pun dah kenal. Paling lawak bila gi kedai advance cycle, Lily tanye 'aku dengar kau dah ade girlfren'... hahahhaha mcm lah saya baru ade GF.

2nd i love my bicycle... the precious BMC. Now already tip top condition. Race ready.

3rd are my toshiba laptop and iPod. Reason... nak on9 and listen to songs.

4th is my cycling stuff.... helmet, shoes, jc

5th are my shoes. Adidas, onitsuka.

Well ape pun family 1st ait.

Setting up Arfa's mountain bike... well bila dah jumpe ezlynn the singer, ade la geng for her kan. But i'm the one who gonna built up the bike. money money.
But at least she wants to cycle... loose some weight. hahahahahah. Yeap looking forward for the bike.

So actually banyak lagi... tp xleh pk right now

Friday, January 8, 2010


well i just upgrade my bike :)
1st - Fox F100 RLC 2009 + free 661 glove
2nd - KCNC seatpost
3rd - token ceramic bottom bracket.

total spend - 1750+200+220 = RM2170

Saturday, January 2, 2010

two thousand and 10

malam new year... gi kl tower naik basikal. Ade jump from 9pm-1am for celebrating new year. Abg Radhi patah tulang blakang time landing langgar kereta BMW yang mengganggu landing area. Cepat sembuh.

1.01.10- Base jump at Gua Damai. me, sheryll, cik E and nik. I did twice. The 1st one is a good one. the second one... too bad. Been scolded by my dad and cik idrus a.k.a my instructor. Well i learned a lesson. Mean while nik at his last jump, crash at the wall and stuck there. The rescue team had to take him down. Lucky no bad injuries.