Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Epic Hash

Its my first time joining the epic hash.
320 riders participated
W2 participated... and proudly with our JC
And WTF... there are ppl wearing the w2 jc too
A tough ride since the trail very slippery And it was muddy
I fell of my bike the first 2km
My tire which runs on 'no tubes' flat 2 times... both front and rearI finished the ride with a mat salleh 'Mike'
Just the 2 of us after the 1st water station till the end
Before the last 3km, heavy rain...
But it was really FUN
Total distance - 51km

thats how muddy it was
Myself and Mike at 2nd water station

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Segamat DZ 20 June 2010

Got 6 students doing static line jump.
The aircraft arrived a quite late ... 11.30am
manage to do 6 sorties
the last sortie was at 6000 feet - shahrul did his 2nd Free fall

And me, jumpmaster for the 5th sortie.
Terrible. Did a lot of mistake.
Drop one student inside the cloud.

The 6th sortie, shahrul, pak karim n myself.
Also did some mistake when approaching them during free fall.
However, i was so close to them after that.

It was a great and successful jump
No injuries thats the most important thing

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ATM Skydiving Competition 2010

Its been quite sometimes the club is not invited for the competition
But this year, we are invited. YAY!!
The Drop Zone was the football field at Stadium hang Jebat.
We stayed at Kem Sg UdangAccuracy, Canopy Formation and Formation Skydive are the event
However FS was canceled due to low altitude. Manage to do 1 round for FS at 6000 feet

The result - Accuracy- hahahah sure last lor
CRW - 2nd :)
FS - 3rd tho suppose to get 2nd.

It was fun.jumping from a big aircraft - CN235